Our Brands

Our brands

Vlevy is our range of new products for today’s catering and convenience market. Our sales team continuously scans the market for product ideas, drawing on our experience – passed from generation to generation – as a source of inspiration. We respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ product requirements, developing products together with our customers to supply exactly what they want.

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Topino is our range of cooked meats, fermented products and pizza toppings – your key ingredients for consistent success, flavour, appearance, convenience and safety. Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), our toppings can be used straight from the freezer.

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Salimah is our range of top-quality toppings based on halal certified beef, turkey, chicken, veal and lamb. The products are ready-to eat. Perfect as pizza toppings.

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Food safety

Compliance with the highest possible food safety and quality standards. We strive to continuously improve, simplify and standardise our methodology, to achieve the highest possible level of professionalism.